Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Aesthetics

I have spent a long time in the last few weeks looking over other blogs and taking in a lot of the information that they have to offer. There are some amazing blogs out there that have managed to balance great information with an amusing tone that keeps me coming back.

One thing is consistent though: all the best blogs look great! They all have their own unique flavor and flair that caters to their subject matter, but they are all very pleasing to look at. I'd like to give my little corner of the Internet a face-lift to try to catch up to some of that, but I have no idea where to start. I don't want to start messing with HTML and coding of the templates that I am using, since I don't know the first thing about that, and easy customization options are kinda limited (i.e. not infinite) on blogspot.

So I don't even know where to start. Does anyone have any ideas?


Syll said...

Hey hey, Running Elk =) I found my way to your blog! woot woot! I had a blogger blog on a non WOW related subject at one point and felt very... constrained by it. So I made a jump to Word Press and love how many themes there are out there and the huge variety of plugins available. There is some learning curve involved, no doubt, but I think the payoff is huge. Have you considered migrating to a new platform?
Syll (

Lorangriel said...

Hey Syll! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the Internet!

I haven't tried wordpress, nor have I considered moving to a new platform, though I guess this is what this post is all about.

I'll go check out wordpress and see if I like it.

Syll said...

If you decide you want to give Wordpress a go and need some help, just let me know. However, you could do much to spruce up your site right here if you wanted to. Adding images to the sidebar, for example, is pretty simple so long as you have webspace to host them or an account at an image hosting site like flikr. I believe that banners are pretty simple to replace at at this point, too, so if you have any acumen in a program like photoshop, give it a go! Please do let me know if I can be of help. I'm at