Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Hunter Love

As many of you know, my wife Taura plays a hunter. She just recently hit 80 and has been itching to come to our raids. She's been to a Sarth kill with no drakes up and the other day she went with us on a heroic Naxx run. She doesn't know the fights, but that's not a huge problem since we sit in the same room and I can give her instructions as we go. Overall, it was a pretty poor Naxx run. We had several undergeared raiders with us in addition to Taura and had some avoidable wipes (Gluth was especially problematic).

After the raid, Taura asked me what she could do to get better. Part of the problem was that she is a BM hunter with a level 75 pet. That will of course change. There are several other problems that I could see: a distinct lack of +hit on her gear, a preponderance of her damage coming from Auto Shot and things like that. I pointed her to a couple of sites like Elitist Jerks and The Hunter's Mark since I still play a hunter on a pretty superficial level and BRK is no longer with us.

She read for a bit and then got frustrated at how much of the nomenclature she lacked and how much of the underlying workings of the class she was ignorant of. She told me that while she loves to play the game, reading all the math and the theorycrafting is boring to her.

So I have resolved to help her. I am going to educate myself in the ways of the hunter and write a few posts that will help Taura (and other hunters with similar issues) to get better at huntering without wading through the amazing breadth of information that is out there. I am going to talk to some of my guildies and see if I can get some of them to write some guest posts for me.

Also, if someone has anything that would be helpful, please put it in the comments and I will try to incorporate it into the posts as I go.


LSNDuck said...

Oddly enough, I am in exactly the same situation. My wife's sole 80 is a Hunter (although her Paladin is catching up fast). She loves to play, and wants to play well and experience things, but doesn't want to have to try to absorb all the detailed theorycraft in order to do it.

So not only do I find myself making nice gear lists for my Druid, but for her Hunter as well. I don't mind at all, I love the theory.

Lorangriel said...

Thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet, Duck. Hopefully your wife can get some use out of my posts as we go. I am going to try to make them as simple and as appoachable as possible, but I am planning on linking back to the math and theorycrafting all the time.