Friday, March 7, 2008


A couple of nights ago, I dusted off my shaman and started playing him again. I'm not sure I had even logged onto him since before the Burning Crusade was released. I respent his talent points heavily into enhancement and set off to do some quests in Tanaris. I was somewhat surprised to discover (or rediscover) that he was able to cut through mobs at a very rapid pace. His burst dps would have mobs two levels above him dead almost before they landed three blows. My problem was efficiency. I had to stop to drink after every other pull and in three hours of questing, I went through almost five stacks of water. Has anyone else had similar revelations with characters you haven't played in months or even years?


Anna said...

I had similar "remembrances" when I went back to play my druid and my mage, and it was kind of nice to be in the position to really tear things apart.

The problem you mentioned about drinking/shaman is something all shaman struggle with - I've had that problem with all three specs, though I think enhancement should get a little more mana efficient as you level up.

Anyways - good luck and nice blog!

-Anna, another feathermooninite

Lorangriel said...

Thanks Anna.