Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Shattered Sun Offensive in Outland

Well, patch 2.4 went live yesterday and I dutifully took Elk and Loeria out to Sunwell Isle to check out the new zone and quests. I have not, as yet, ventured into Magister's Terrace, but should be able to do that tonight or tomorrow. There is more to the Shattered Sun Offensive than the operations on Sunwell Isle itself. Shattrath, as is appropriate, is a major center for new quests and dailies to support the newly formed union of the Aldor and the Scryers.

A couple things to notice: There is a new NPC standing just below A'dal in the middle of Shattrath, gives you a quest to head to the newly established Shattered Sun Staging area on Sunwell Isle. Then there are three new NPCs in Shattrath City (in the open circle outside A'dal's chamber) who give you daily quests that can be completed in Outland. One is only available to crafters: gaining the advantage. Wow Insider has a nice little writeup on that quest to get us started on it. The second quest is called Sunfury attack plans. All you have to do for this one is head to Netherstorm and kill some Sunfury blood elves. Any of them. Anywhere in the zone. Eventually, one of them will drop a set of attack plans, which you return for 10g and 250 Shattered Sun rep. My experience on this was that the plans don't drop easily. I took Loeria and killed dozens of elves for about 45 minutes and didn't get anything resembling attack plans from them. Five stacks of netherweave cloth, two arcane tomes and thirty sunfury signets later, I quit. The third quest you get in Shattrath is a lot easier: The Multiphase Survey has you don a set of goggles and go to the Spirit Fields around Oshu'gun, look for multiphase disturbances and zap them with your goggles. The disturbances look like big round transluscent orange globes that are just laying on the ground.

Once phase 2 opens (which happened last night on Feathermoon), a fourth quest will be available: Intercepting the mana cells. It involves flying up to the northern plateau in Blade's Edge Mountains and killing the Bash'ir ethereals there. They drop a device that allows you to see the mana cells. Collect a bunch, return to Shattrath for your bag of supplies and hope for a badge!

Returning to Outland from Sunwell Isle, I got a quest to find a missing magistrix. The quest itself was simple enough and unlocked two more dailies: Blast the Gateway and Blood for Blood. Both were easy enough and could be completed right there by the magistrix at the Throne of Kil'jaeden in the northern part of Hellfire Peninsula. The spawn rate for the elven quest target for the second of the two quests was hot-fixed this morning and it shouldn't be nearly as camped tonight. The question I have is: what did they do with the original inhabitants of the plateau, including the raid encounter?

All in all, there are tons of new quests to do, lots and lots of rep to aquire and more money to get than you can shake a stick at (how's that for mixing metaphors? *grin*)

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